A suspense-action drama series
8*45-minute episodes
Creators: Anat Gafni & Sahar Shavit.
Director: Ofir Lobel.
Producers: Mosh Danon, Chaim Sharir, Pascal Breton,
Lionel Uzan & Jean-Michel Ciszewski.
In Production by Drama Team & Federation Entertainment for Reshet 13.

An ordinary morning at a small-town High School turns into a nightmare when anonymous figures in masks have committed a massacre leaving four dead students. Chaos is at its peak. The school is surrounded by police cars. Ambulances and police forces are rushed to the scene, as well as terrified parents and journalists.


A Crime Drama Series
Creators: David Akerman & Dror Sabo
Head Writer: David Akerman
Director: Dror Sabo
Producers: Mosh Danon & Chaim Sharir

In Production for Hot & ITV

Jerusalem is an original crime drama about the brutal struggles between God’s official and unofficial representatives, willing to do anything to conquer another square meter in his name, fueled by dark desires, greed and blind faith. The series reveals through its characters what really takes place behind the scenes of the holiest city on earth. It is a charged, dense, gritty and realistic show exposing the bitter, the boundless power struggles that take place between the “official representatives” of God, who are willing to sacrifice human life to gain ownership of another centimeter of the city, and the dark motivations behind this struggle, the vast amounts of money, the decadence, and the religion that allows it all to happen.

The Girls from Oslo

A suspense-action drama series
An Israel-Norway co-production
10*35-minute episodes
Series Creators: Ronit Weiss-Berkowitz & Kyrre Holm Johannessen
Director (Israel): Uri Barbash
Producers (Israel): Chaim Sharir and Mosh Danon
(Norway): Hakon Briseid, Lasse Greve, Brede Hovland.
In production by Drama Team (Israel) & Monster Scripted (Norway) For “Hot” (Israel), TV2 (Norway) and Netflix

Pia, A Norwegian young tourist and two young Israeli brother and sister, are kidnapped in Sinai by ISIS. In exchange for their lives, the terror organization demands the release of terrorists imprisoned in Israel and Norway. If the prisoners are not released– the hostages will be executed. Both the Israeli and Norwegian governments oppose cutting a deal with ISIS.

The Grave

A suspense and mystery series
Creator & Director: Omri Givon.
Producers: Chaim Sharir, Mosh Danon, Pascal Breton,
Lionel Uzan & Jean-Michel Ciszewski.
Produced by Drama Team & Federation Entertainment for Keshet 12.
What would you do if you were given the chance to change
your destiny? What would you do if you could go back and save the love of your life? What if you were to find out that by saving your loved one, you had lost the other thing that was most important to you in the world?What if you were to find out that there is another person, exactly like you, wandering the world?

A large earthquake cracks a pit open in a pastoral nature reserve in Northern Israel, exposing a grave containing three skeletons.
A police investigation reveals that these skeletons belong to three live people.

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A Drama Series by Mira Awad & Maya Heffner
Produced by Drama Team for the Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation- Kan.
International Distribution: Armoza Formats

Israeli summer of 2014- Muna Abud, a successful female Israeli-Arab photographer who lives and works in Tel Aviv, is putting together an exhibition of her work portraying strong, groundbreaking Arab women. The exhibition will take place in Paris and be sponsored by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

On one hand, her Arab critics argue that this exhibition is an attempt to cover-up for the discriminating Israeli establishment; on the other hand, her Jewish critics refuse to accept her as their representative and some of her exhibition’s heroines decide to pull out of the project.

Muna is a strong woman; but simultaneously, her brand new and complicated romantic relationship with Yaniv, a Jewish news producer, is being put to the test ever so intensely against her family and the village she grew up in.

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HOSTAGES (Bnei Aruba)

2013, 1st Season 10, episodes, 40 minutes per episode
2016, 2nd Season 12, episodes, 40 minutes per episode

Creators, Scriptwriters & Directors: Omri Givon & Rotem Shamir
Producers: Chaim Sharir, Pascal Breton, Jean-Michel Ciszewski

The series was sold and broadcast in many countries abroad, among those the French Canal +, and BBC 4 in the UK

The series scripts have been purchased and produces for a U.S. series called “Hostages” in collaboration with Alon Arania by Warner for CBS

The series was sold for broadcasting to Netflix

Winner of the Golden Nymph Award for Best International TV Drama Series at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival 2014

Winner of the Golden Umbrella Award for Best Crime Series in Mediamixx Festival 2017

Cast: Yair Lotan, Yoav Levi, Tomer Kapun, Miki Leon, Hila Vidor, Itai Tiran, Reimond Amsalem, Nevo Kimchi, Alona Tal, Shmil Ben Ari, Kim Bodnia, Jacob Daniel, Michal Kalman

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2010, 3rd Season, 12 Episodes, 45 minutes per episode
2013, 4th Season, 12 Episodes, 45 minutes per episode

Creators: Reshef & Regev Levi
Scriptwriter: Reshef & Regev Levi
Director: Shay Kanot
Producer: Mosh Danon

The series was sold for remake to Showtime.

The series was nominated for several Israeli Academy Awards including Best Drama Series and won Best Actor Award (Moshe Ivgy)

Main Cast: Moshe Ivgy, Yehuda Levi, Shlomi Koriat, Uri Gabriel, Yussuf Abu-Warda, Hanna Azoulay Hasfari, Lirit Balaban, Maya Maron, Adi Gilat, Michael Rozhetsky, Shalom Michaelshwili, Ania Bukstein, Netta Garti and Zion Baruch.

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2012, 1nd Season, 12 Episodes, 30-40 minutes per episode

Creator: Gadi Taub
Scriptwriters: Gadi Taub and Erez Kavel
Director: Assaf Bernstein
Producer: Mosh Danon

The series was sold for remake to Turner International (Brazil)

Official selection FIPA Festival, Biarritz

Main Cast: Aviv Alush, Moran Atias, Romi Aboulafia, Nadav Nates, Miki Leon, Sergey Bukhman, Julia Levy-Boeken and Guy Arieli.

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MINIMUM WAGE (30 Shekels Per Hour)

2011, 1st Season 8 episodes, 40 minutes per episode
2013, 2nd Season 10 episodes, 40 minutes per episode

Series creators: Chaim Sharir, Yossi Madmoni, David Ofek
Scriptwriter: Yossi Madmoni
Directors: David Ofek and Sari Ezuz
Producer: Chaim Sharir

A remake option of the series was sold to the US and Britain

The series won the Israeli Academy Awards for Best Drama Series and Best Directing, 2012

Cast: Ruthie Bornstein, Sofia Ostritsky, Samira Seria, Dana Samocha, Igal Adika, Vladimir Friedman, Marina Samocha, Liron Ben Shlush, Yaakov Borek.

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QUESTION MARKS (Simanei Sheela)

2010, 10 episodes, 40 minutes per episode

Creator and Writer: Ido Dror
Director: Ofir Babaiof
Producer: Chaim Sharir

Cast: Dan Shapiro, Gala Kogan, Yona Elian, Dror Keren, Tal Talmon, Yon Tumarkin, Itay Turgeman, Liat Azar, Golan Azoulay, Doron Tavori.

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ROOM SERVICE (Sherut Hadarim)

2009, 1st Season, 20 Episodes, 26-36 minutes per episode

Creator: Eran Riklis
Scriptwriters: Guy Meirson, Amit Lior, Omer Tadmor, Shlomi Perry, Daniella Doron, Daphna Yudovich, Yanai Netz and Miri Rozovsky
Directors: Eitan Anner and Rony Gruber
Producers: Mosh Danon and Eran Riklis

Main Cast: Assi Levy, Nelly Tagar, Israel Sasha Demidov, Danny Steg, Natasha Manor, Liron Baranes.

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2008, 2nd Season, 40 Episodes, 30 minutes per episode

Creators: Hagai Levi, Ori Sivan and Nir Bergman
Scriptwriters: Hagai Levi, Ori Sivan, Asaf Zippor, Daphna Levin, Yael Hedaya, Keren Margalit, Shira Artzi and Uzi Weil
Directors: Hagai Levi, Eitan Zur and Sivan Arbel
Producer: Mosh Danon

The series was sold for remake to HBO and an American adaptation, Polish adaptation, Romanian adaptation, Czech adaptation and Hungarian adaptation were produced. Furthermore, the series was also adapted to a Serbian version, Duth version, Slovenian version, Argentinian version, Brazilian version, Portugese version, Canadian version, Russian version, Italian version, Japanese version and Crotian version
The original version of the series was sold and broadcast in many countries abroad

The series won 9 Israeli Academy Awards including Best Drama Series

Main Cast: Assi Dayan, Gila Almagor, Rami Heuberger, Alma Zack, Assi Levy, Tali Sharon, Moni Moshonov, Tali Rubin, Niv Zilberberg, Michal Bat-Adam, Yisrael Poliakov, Shira Geffen, Yossi Alfi and Shimrit Lustig.

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THE NAKED TRUTH (Ha’Emet Ha’Eiroma)

2008, 16 Episode, 33 minutes per episode

Screenplay: Benny Barbash,
Director: Uri Barbash
Producer: Chaim Sharir

The series was sold for remake to several territories.

Cast: Lior Ashcenazi, Genia Dodina, Yoram Hatav, Nati Ravitz, Hadas Kalderon, Alon Dahan, Daniela Certis,Yuval Sherf.

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2008, 10 Episodes, 45 minutes per episode

Creator-Writer: Ronit Weiss–Berkowitz
Director: Uri Barbash
Producer: Chaim Sharir

Cast: Klara Houri, Orna Pitussi, Zahi Grad, Halifa Natur, Shredi Gabarin, Amnon Wolf, Michal Warshai, Lutuf Nusaier

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MYTHOLOGICAL EX (Ha’Ex Ha’Mythology)

2007, 1st Season, 11 Episodes, 35 minutes per episode

Creator: Sigal Avin
Scriptwriter: Sigal Avin
Director: Sigal Avin
Producer: Mosh Danon

The series was sold for remake to CBS who produced an American adaptation called the Ex-List that aired in 2008.

Main Cast: Tali Sharon, Vered Feldman, Itay Tiran, Omer Barnea, Yiftach Klein

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DIDN’T PROMISE YOU (Lo Hivtachti Lach)

2006, 1st Season 15 Episodes, 35 minutes per episode
2007, 2nd Season 15 Episodes, 35 minutes per episode

Creator and scriptwriter: Eyal Doron
Directors: Ofir Babaiof, Gabi Bibliovitch, Tomer Aviram
Producer: Chaim Sharir

Cast: Guri Alfi, Eli Finish, Dani Geva, Efrat Boimvald, Alma Zach, Efrat Cohen, Riki Blich, Noa Tishbi, Shmil Ben Ari.

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2005, 1st Season 8 Episodes, 45 minutes per episode
2006, 2nd Season 12 episodes, 45 minutes per episode

Scriptwriter: Benny Barbash
Director: Uri Barbash
Producer: Chaim Sharir

Cast: Yigal Naor , Nati Ravitz, Osnat Vishinski, Marina Choif, Yigal Adika,Dror Keren, Shlomi Koriatt, Maya Maron, Alon Neuman.

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MELANOMA MY LOVE (Melanoma Ahuvati)

2005, 4 Episodes, 50 minutes per episode

Scriptwriters: Joseph Madmoni, David Ofek and Ygal Adika
Directors: Joseph Madmoni, David Ofek
Producer: Chaim Sharir

The series won Best Drama & Best Cinematography (Assaf Sudri) at the Israeli Academy Awards

Cast: Yigal Adika , Sharon Zukerman, Alon Aboutboul.

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