QUESTION MARKS (Simanei Sheela)

2010, 10 episodes, 40 minutes per episode

Creator and Writer: Ido Dror
Director: Ofir Babaiof
Producer: Chaim Sharir

Cast: Dan Shapiro, Gala Kogan, Yona Elian, Dror Keren, Tal Talmon, Yon Tumarkin, Itay Turgeman, Liat Azar, Golan Azoulay, Doron Tavori

A Tel Aviv building, third floor, behind the left hand door is the safe house belonging to the on “Question Marks” organization. There are no names on the door, no permanent residents, and the door there is not open to everyone. This apartment is the first home as well as the first family for young people leaving the Jewish orthodox way of life.

The series follows the lives of six youngsters of eighteen to thirty in various stages of departure from their orthodox life. Some have left children behind, others a broken family refusing to accept their move, and they all arrive in Tel Aviv, destitute, excited and scared – to begin a life without God.

Their different stories intersect in the apartment and present six ways of digesting a new world, utterly familiar to the viewer, as it is revealed to them for the first time. In this one time and exciting period, the group deals with issues relating to us all, issues of faith, family, choice and meaning.

Three years ago, Eli, Shira, Chemi, Didi, Israel and Aharon were all dressed in black, with a small prayer shawl [talit] or capote, or long dresses with sleeves covering their arms at least up to the elbows.

Today Eli is a tutor in the organization and is working as a barman, Shira is a painter dreaming of publishing a comic book, Chemi is constantly stoned and involved in illegal activities, Didi dances at a dubious night club, Israel dreams of enlisting to an elite Army unit, and  Aaron is trying to get back to his beloved whom he left behind.

Will Aharon continue with his secular life despite the fact that Rivki is pregnant? Will Chemi and Didi continue in their wanton way? What will Eli do when the option of going back to his ex and his son comes up? Will he walk away from his love for Shira?

Produced for Reshet (Channel 2)