2005, 1st Season 8 Episodes, 45 minutes per episode
2006, 2nd Season 12 episodes, 45 minutes per episode

Scriptwriter: Benny Barbash
Director: Uri Barbash
Producer: Chaim Sharir

Cast: Yigal Naor , Nati Ravitz, Osnat Vishinski, Marina Choif, Yigal Adika,Dror Keren, Shlomi Koriatt, Maya Maron, Alon Neuman

Miluim is the story of a Reserve Duty company during their service, in training, in operation, at the border stations and on different missions.

The narrative framework presents not only the military experiences of the series heroes, but also their private civilian lives and all that these entail.

The series presents the colorful story of Israeli society through the description of the events in the lives of a number of characters familiar to us all. They are fascinating, moving, amusing, annoying, outrageous and most of all human, arousing empathy, their lives occurring in ways familiar to us all – family tensions and small moments of grace that awaken emotions and sympathy.

The series “Miluim” takes place now, in real time, and is also in dialogue with current events that occupy the minds of most Israelis: dealing with terrorists, prisoner exchange, evacuation of settlements, terrorist attacks, and civilians forced to “abandon” their families and places of employment after suddenly being recruited, family relations, unemployment and poverty. These are all an inseparable part of the series narrative. The collective biography of living in Israel is intertwined within the private lives of the soldiers of the unit.

Produced for Reshet (Channel 2)