2008, 10 Episodes, 45 minutes per episode

Creator-Writer: Ronit Weiss–Berkowitz
Director: Uri Barbash
Producer: Chaim Sharir

Cast: Klara Houri, Orna Pitussi, Zahi Grad, Halifa Natur, Shredi Gabarin, Amnon Wolf, Michal Warshai, Lutuf Nusaier

A small and creative group of television professionals gathers to create a new food show. They have a revolutionary idea – to find a (female) Jewish chef and a (female) Palestinian chef who will cook Mediterranean food together in each other’s kitchens, will chatter agreeably about men and spices, and will exchange recipes. According to rating requirements, both chefs must be camera-friendly in order to prove that it is possible to build a bridge of peace through food and personal charm.

Two women are selected to lead the series – Tamar Rosen and Amal Fauzi. Both are in their thirties, one from Givatayim and one from Ramallah.

The two women meet for the first time during the process of formulating the cooking show, and together with the crew face all possible obstacles, from prejudice and misunderstandings, to terror attacks and assassinations that disrupt the line-up.

At the same time they confront – each in her own way – opposition to the joint project within their families, both on the national-political level, and in the gulf between the personal expressions of each one of them and the family loyalty expected of them.

derstand each other.

The parallel dramatic plots in the lives of Tami and Amal exposes the dynamics in the two families, as the cracks in their homes grow wider.

Despite the obstacles, something small and touching gradually begins to happen: Tami and Amal grow closer to each other’s worlds, manage to laugh at the same things, support each other and learn something from one another.

Sometimes it has to do with the addition of a pinch of cinnamon and sometimes it has to do with raising children.

The fragile intimacy created between them will face a difficult test when Tami’s eldest son is injured in a terror attack. In reaction to the attack, a reprisal attack is carried out in which Amal’s father is killed. Indirectly and painfully, his death constitutes the bloody card to personal freedom she had aspired to.

The series has been produced with the collaboration of The Parents Circle families

Produced for Reshet (Channel 2) with the assistance of USAID, 2008