A Social-Metaphysical Suspense Drama Series by David Akerman

Prophets played a critical and essential part in the shaping of humanity. The last of them lived 2400 years ago … Apparently, they are back … They are here! It could be the neighbor who lives right beside you, the cashier in the supermarket, a family member or even yourselves.

What would happen if one morning, in the middle of your routine existence, a completely anonymous person appeared and was revealed as having just been chosen by a divine being to be a prophet? What would happen if this person was you?

That’s exactly what happens to Benjamin Perry (45), a computer engineer, a devout atheist and a rather gray man who works as a software programmer in a government office. Benjamin, whose whole life is devoted to his family and a stable routine to help him cope with his dark past, wakes up on an ordinary morning flooded by visions and comes to the terrible realization that he has been chosen by some divine being to be a prophet. As a prophet his duty is to bring humankind to redemption just before it is condemned to total annihilation. Similar to the prophets thousands of years before him, he is also required to attend moral-social-political issues whose solution involves protests that often turn into cruel violence. This surreal reality that sweeps over his life from one extreme to the other forces him (and us) to deal with the black hole that is sucking humanity in, a hole that is growing and growing…