I killed Guy Rubin

Created and written by: Yaeli Feldman
Script editor: Natalie Marcus

Dana (39), an exhausted police investigator, called to a crime scene. Guy Rubin (59), a local property tycoon was poisoned during the night in his office. At the police station a woman is waiting for Dana. Orna (57), Guy’s wife confesses she killed him. In the reception two more women are waiting for Dana, they too have come to confess the murder of Guy Rubin: May (32), Guy’s secretary and Meital (46), her husband died in an industrial accident in one of Guy’s buildings.

The Grand Mitra

A Geopolitical-Spy-Thriller. Limited Series. 6 ep. X 60 min
Created and written by: Haim Avihail
Script editor: Yossi Mann

On the most critical week of the Iranian nuclear talks, as the ministers of the Great Powers and Iran gather at the Grand Mitra Hotel in Vienna to seal the deal, the Mossad uses all its means to sabotage it. Irena, a sleeper agent who believes that her love was assassinated for uncovering intel that threated the treaty, infiltrates the operation, despite her superiors’ objections, disguised as a hotel-maid. She forms a unique bond with the Iranian minister’s daughter, only for them to both uncover a secret cooperation between the Mossad and the Iranian revolutionary guards- with lethal outcomes.


A realistic action-drama-fantasy series
Creators: Laliv Sivan and Deborah Elhadad Aroshes

When Ayala (19) sets out to hunt down the rabbi who abused her sister, she finds out that she herself is part of an ancient, mythic group of women – “The Prophecy of the Seven” – whose time has come to lead humanity into its next stage.

The End of Days is a collective noun for all the prophesies about the end of humanity in various religions. Amongst the prophesies of the End of Days, one can find the opposite of an apocalypse in the vision of the prophet Isaiah, in the biblical verses about the War of Gog and Magog, in the Christian theology about Armageddon and in the Jewish tradition of the Coming of the Messiah.