The Cell

A story that may be real

By David Ackerman

Deep inside the complex web of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, a small cell – exists, inseparable from the Islamic Nation, but whose main goal is to prevent the Islamic Nation from becoming a nuclear superpower. This cell was created by Ali Ruhani, a local accountant, who has been concealing from his family that he is actually a cold blooded, professional intelligence officer, activated by the Israeli Mossad, and directly responsible for an array of successful assassinations and hits.

While he pursues nuclear secrets in order to thwart them before they become active, Ali tries to protect both the cell he founded from the ever-present threat of exposure, as well as his family, which is falling apart before his eyes…

In order to save either of them, in order to fulfil his mission…Ali is going to have to choose between them

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A drama series by Sharon Eilat

The stable world of Nir (21), an IDF officer and commander, is shaken when she suddenly falls in love with a woman.

Nir (21), an emotionally blocked, self-assured, young officer, lives in a small suburb with her parents and older brother. The stable ground beneath her feet crumbles when, one ordinary night, her best friend Noa (21) begins to confide in her about the relationship she’s been having over the past few months with a girl. For years, matters of the heart and sex have been the furthest thing from Nir’s mind. And, at this point in her life, she sees a relationship with a woman as off-putting and abnormal. But now she suddenly finds herself, without any advance warning, drawn into the middle of a passionate and rattling love story with Noa. Nir’s identity, which up until now has been the façade of an authoritative, self-assured officer, begins to fall apart. Her life is flooded with fears and anxiety, brought on by her newly enflamed passions, from which she cannot escape.

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Private Teacher

A crime-drama series

By Shlomo Mashiach

GIL SOLOMON breaks one of the hardest rules of the crime world. He falls in love TAMI MALKA, the wife of meat merchant LEON MALKA.

Gil is a teacher by profession. There is nothing further from him than the crime world, until the morning he begins to teach and treat EITAN, the fourteen year old son of Tami and Leon Malka. Eitan has been suffering from post-trauma since a dramatic incident that took place six years ago.

Gil is becoming more and more emotionally attached to Eitan. Gil finally feel as if he has a son, and Eitan gets the kind of father he never had.

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PAX AmeriCana

A short comedy series proposal

by Nicholas Blincoe and Eitan Anner

Looking for cool girls, cheap hash and easy money, two young Texan brothers join the American Peace Mission in Sinai, but fumble into a crazy conspiracy to start World War III.

Sinai desert, 1978.

The Sinai Field Mission is a civilian hi-tech surveillance station, which resembles the moon’s landscape (but offers far better supplies of hash), tasked by the Egyptians and the Israelis to watch the De-Militarized Zone between these two country’s armies, following the terrible 1973 war. A space-age encampment of pre-fab Holiday Inn bungalows that includes basketball courts, a bar and a small movie theatre, houses these scientists and diplomats, tasked with keeping the two armies apart, using state of the art technology and good old American pedantry.

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Masada 2020

Death is inevitable. Only few get the chance to give it a heroic meaning!

A Suspense Drama Series by Zohar Shachar & Boaz Ephrati

The widow of a secret service agent who was diagnosed with incurable cancer, has doubts about how her husband died. She feels she is being lied to and that her husband didn’t actually die of cancer but whilst out on a mission…

Seeking to learn more, she discovers there is a Secret Service phantom division, The Masada Unit, which has no legal existence. Furthermore, it was her husband who created the concept and led the first mission, and only the bare minimum including the Prime Minister, know of it. In fact it’s all so “hush hush” that had Masada not existed, we would have probably been compelled to invent it…

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A suspense drama Series
16 episodes divided into 4 periods of time
Created by Nir Baram

A murder committed by four friends will keep testing them throughout their lives like a dark shadow, always there, threatening to be exposed.

In a small town, an unexplained death incident occurs: Noam and Noa Sitton, a married couple in their early forties, drive late at night into the unnecessary artificial lake built by the town’s Mayor only because of some donation he had received.

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Fire Chicks

Sometimes a woman just has to Man-Up…

A Hot Comedy Drama by Veronica Kedar

It’s not easy being a lady. PMS, heartbreak, pregnancy, marriage, divorce… Life pretty much adds up to a very long headache. Now imagine all those headaches, along with a very demanding job which provides even more headaches… Imagine a female fire fighter. Even two. Who are best friends. In a Comedy-Drama TV Series.

“Fire Chicks” is a character driven show which revolves around the lives of two female fire fighters and their friends and family. Thirty something Amy and Emma are the only two women in their local fire department. They’re surrounded by men who think they’re better than them, and have to work twice as hard to prove that heroism isn’t just a “man’s job”.

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