Fire Chicks

Sometimes a woman just has to Man-Up…

A Hot Comedy Drama by Veronica Kedar

It’s not easy being a lady. PMS, heartbreak, pregnancy, marriage, divorce… Life pretty much adds up to a very long headache. Now imagine all those headaches, along with a very demanding job which provides even more headaches… Imagine a female fire fighter. Even two. Who are best friends. In a Comedy-Drama TV Series.

“Fire Chicks” is a character driven show which revolves around the lives of two female fire fighters and their friends and family. Thirty something Amy and Emma are the only two women in their local fire department. They’re surrounded by men who think they’re better than them, and have to work twice as hard to prove that heroism isn’t just a “man’s job”.

In a small town with mostly winter, Emma and Amy have a lot of spare time. Their shifts include rescuing cats off of trees, pulling confused goats out of ditches, helping fat people out of windows and unlocking doors for idiots who lost their keys. In this male crowded environment, every little situation becomes a test. Without a master in gender studies or any intention of going all “feminist” on everyone- the girls will have to “man up” to simply get their job done.

Every episode displays repeated story lines: The job and its consequences, Amy’s failed marriage, Emma’s horrific dating life and most importantly Amy & Emma’s friendship. Other characters include Dwayne the station manager, Firemen brothers Brick, Speed & Flame, Amy’s husband Ted, her Mother Christie, Emma’s Dad Mitch & Brother Ray Ray and of course Megan – the self-help guru on the 2nd floor.