A drama series by Sharon Eilat

The stable world of Nir (21), an IDF officer and commander, is shaken when she suddenly falls in love with a woman.

Nir (21), an emotionally blocked, self-assured, young officer, lives in a small suburb with her parents and older brother. The stable ground beneath her feet crumbles when, one ordinary night, her best friend Noa (21) begins to confide in her about the relationship she’s been having over the past few months with a girl. For years, matters of the heart and sex have been the furthest thing from Nir’s mind. And, at this point in her life, she sees a relationship with a woman as off-putting and abnormal. But now she suddenly finds herself, without any advance warning, drawn into the middle of a passionate and rattling love story with Noa. Nir’s identity, which up until now has been the façade of an authoritative, self-assured officer, begins to fall apart. Her life is flooded with fears and anxiety, brought on by her newly enflamed passions, from which she cannot escape.

Nir and Noa’s love story continues to take one step forward, and two steps back, while Nir remains under constant pressure from the military, her friends, her sexuality, her career, her family and her own emotions.