A Realistic Suspense Drama Series by Talya & Ofer Komem

On a routine morning, Catherine Avidal, a nurse in a local hospital, divorced and mother of two children, is unexpectedly invited for questioning by the anti-terrorist cyber intelligence unit. She is suspected of planning a future attack inspired by the Bataclan massacre in Paris.

Catherine is stunned by the accusations against her, and is sure that the whole thing will soon turn out to be a big misunderstanding. She is not nervous, she has nothing to hide. The investigation is getting more complicated when the cyber unit reveals more and more data about Catherine, revealing more and more intimate details from her life. Despite Catherine’s denials that she is not involved in terrorist activity, she is labeled as a terrorist. Under pressure, and as the investigation deepens, she is exposed to her life as she has never seen it before. She is sucked into a terrifying vortex where everything she knows about herself is starting to shatter.

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An Espionage Drama Series by Erez Kavel

The Player is a series that takes place within the espionage world, but it is not a spy series, even though at the center of the storyline is a suspenseful espionage plot.

The Player is a story of a family of spies, a father and a son. Shlomi Partush, the protagonist, is a 35-year-old failed actor, the son of an accomplished Mossad agent. Almost against his will and anything he has ever planned for, Shlomi is about to get a glimpse into his father’s secret world, which will soon suck him in.

Shlomi grew up in his father’s house but he doesn’t really know what he‘s made of. Michel, his father, has been mostly absent from his son’s and his family’s life, always on the road on long secret work expeditions. Michel has never shared with his son a single thing about this job that with time became much more than just a job.

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An Urban Culinary Drama Series by Noa Berman-Herzberg

The final week of the year shakes up the lives of seven hungry people and one man with no sense of taste in a city stuffed to the point of madness. They all end up in a New Year’s Eve meal that turns unexpectedly from a luxurious 8 courses meal into a “Last Supper”.

Gastronomy is a series about passion for food, obsessions, lusts and friendship, portraying people who deeply believe that food, especially exquisite food, can overcome everything; loneliness, ugliness, illness and even death, but it’s going to crash right in their faces. Through fizzing kitchens, burning desires, stormy hearts and unexpected accidents we’ll get to know their inner souls, hearts and guts and introduced to the backstage of the culinary world.

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A Comic-Metaphysical–Philosophical Courthouse Drama by David Akerman

Victor is the lawyer for the most corrupt people in the land. Lacking a conscience and basic ethics, Victor is the irrefutable proof that there’s no such thing as “crime and punishment”. Chasing publicity and capital, a criminals’ favorite, a total atheist… and then the heart attack arrives and Victor dies in the middle of a wild drug party with three high end call girls.

Wearing nothing but a small towel covering his nether regions, Victor arrives at the “Terminal”, a completely metaphysical place where everyone who just died arrives and where the “immigration clerks” determine who goes out through the right hand gate (heaven) and who through the left hand gate (hell). In a few moments he too will get to the greyish looking clerk who will send him to the door on the left, to hell. It is abundantly clear since even he has nothing good to say for himself.

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A Social-Metaphysical Suspense Drama Series by David Akerman

Prophets played a critical and essential part in the shaping of humanity. The last of them lived 2400 years ago … Apparently, they are back … They are here! It could be the neighbor who lives right beside you, the cashier in the supermarket, a family member or even yourselves.

What would happen if one morning, in the middle of your routine existence, a completely anonymous person appeared and was revealed as having just been chosen by a divine being to be a prophet? What would happen if this person was you?

That’s exactly what happens to Benjamin Perry (45), a computer engineer, a devout atheist and a rather gray man who works as a software programmer in a government office.

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A Hot Comedy Drama by Veronica Kedar

It’s not easy being a lady. PMS, heartbreak, pregnancy, marriage, divorce… Life pretty much adds up to a very long headache. Now imagine all those headaches, along with a very demanding job which provides even more headaches… Imagine a female fire fighter. Even two. Who are best friends. In a Comedy-Drama TV Series.

“Fire Chicks” is a character driven show which revolves around the lives of two female fire fighters and their friends and family. Thirty something Amy and Emma are the only two women in their local fire department. They’re surrounded by men who think they’re better than them, and have to work twice as hard to prove that heroism isn’t just a “man’s job”.

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A Human Interest TV Series by Matan Guggenheim and Marlyn Vinig

What would you do if one day you discover that you were adopted? What if you had to give your child up for adoption? These are the kind of questions that are preoccupying Suzana, 46, every day of her life due to her position as the Israel Adoption Files Supervisor of the Child Protection Services.

Her professional role is double and complex. She has the authority to remove children from dysfunctional parents, and she is also the person in charge of assisting adult adoptees who want to locate their biological parents all over the world. This sensitive complexity places her in a perilous position of power, almost godlike towards the fate of people. At times her work verges on detective work and at others she functions as a psychologist who needs to bridge the gap between parents and children, where quite often the boundaries between the law and her judgment are blurry.

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