An Urban Culinary Drama Series by Noa Berman-Herzberg

The final week of the year shakes up the lives of seven hungry people and one man with no sense of taste in a city stuffed to the point of madness. They all end up in a New Year’s Eve meal that turns unexpectedly from a luxurious 8 courses meal into a “Last Supper”.

Gastronomy is a series about passion for food, obsessions, lusts and friendship, portraying people who deeply believe that food, especially exquisite food, can overcome everything; loneliness, ugliness, illness and even death, but it’s going to crash right in their faces. Through fizzing kitchens, burning desires, stormy hearts and unexpected accidents we’ll get to know their inner souls, hearts and guts and introduced to the backstage of the culinary world.

It’s the last week of December and the food Gods, food slaves, food critics and foodies are running around town like poisoned rats, counting the days towards the New Year’s Eve dinner. Their stories, kitchens, obsessions, passions and deepest fears will intertwine unexpectedly, leading all of them eventually to an eight courses meal that will not only end the year, but also end life as they know it.

Thus, in more than one way the gorgeously cooked meal turns into a last supper. Illusions will be shattered, tears will be shed and some will find themselves forced to confront their worst fears. Yet, as devastating as it seems – some new dreams will begin to take form, some revelations will be made and some redemptions will be won and the food, oh, boy, the food is definitely something that can let you die smiling.

The format has been successfully pitched in the Series Mania, April 2016