The Player

An Espionage Drama Series by Erez Kavel

The Player is a series that takes place within the espionage world, but it is not a spy series, even though at the center of the storyline is a suspenseful espionage plot.

The Player is a story of a family of spies, a father and a son. Shlomi Partush, the protagonist, is a 35-year-old failed actor, the son of an accomplished Mossad agent. Almost against his will and anything he has ever planned for, Shlomi is about to get a glimpse into his father’s secret world, which will soon suck him in.

Shlomi grew up in his father’s house but he doesn’t really know what he‘s made of. Michel, his father, has been mostly absent from his son’s and his family’s life, always on the road on long secret work expeditions. Michel has never shared with his son a single thing about this job that with time became much more than just a job. It became his life‘s purpose. Growing up with an absentee father has shaped Shlomi‘s personality, made him into the person he is today. In this sense, the series will attempt to provide Shlomi and Michel with a second chance at their relationship.

It all started when Michel Partush‘s cover is exposed due to an operational mistake. He must now abandon the mission, leaving everything behind and escaping back to Israel in the middle of the night. The only one that is found suitable to replace him is none other than his son, a failed actor and a young father, who leads an unhappy live in the center of Tel Aviv. For the first time in his life, he gets a glimpse into his father’s world. Michel becomes his teacher and mentor. Like a craftsman who teaches his son the secrets of his profession, Michel passes on to his son the knowledge he has gained over the years.

Michel is a Mossad recruiter. With the close guidance of his father, Shlomi, will slowly become a recruiter himself. Shlomi, who has spent an entire life trying to stay as far away from his father’s world by becoming an actor and an artist, now discovers that he actually resembles his father in more ways than he could have ever imagined. For an actor who delves so deep into the lives of his characters that he is sucked into their world, giving them a life of their own. The only difference is that the recruiter does it in the shadows, without an audience to applaud him for his great performance.