The Cell

A story that may be real

By David Ackerman

Deep inside the complex web of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, a small cell – exists, inseparable from the Islamic Nation, but whose main goal is to prevent the Islamic Nation from becoming a nuclear superpower. This cell was created by Ali Ruhani, a local accountant, who has been concealing from his family that he is actually a cold blooded, professional intelligence officer, activated by the Israeli Mossad, and directly responsible for an array of successful assassinations and hits.

While he pursues nuclear secrets in order to thwart them before they become active, Ali tries to protect both the cell he founded from the ever-present threat of exposure, as well as his family, which is falling apart before his eyes…

In order to save either of them, in order to fulfil his mission…Ali is going to have to choose between them.

On the surface, “The Cell” is a suspenseful spy series, packed with twists, intrigues, assassinations and betrayals. But no less, this is a family drama, full of complexities and conflict-ridden attempts to preserve the family unit, which threatens to collapse on more than one occasion, just like any family, anywhere, in Iran, France or Israel.

The series takes place within the everyday life of the Iranian bourgeois, and shows the viewers that life does exist beyond the curtain of fear that separates Iran from the rest of the world. On the one hand, the series will show the complexities of Iranian society, fighting for its economy and its future as a secular society. On the other hand, the series will present the everyday life of the bourgeois, which is identical to bourgeois society anywhere else in the world.

“The Cell” is based on real events that have already taken place, and some which might still take place in the future.