A Human Interest TV Series by Matan Guggenheim and Marlyn Vinig

What would you do if one day you discover that you were adopted? What if you had to give your child up for adoption? These are the kind of questions that are preoccupying Suzana, 46, every day of her life due to her position as the Israel Adoption Files Supervisor of the Child Protection Services.

Her professional role is double and complex. She has the authority to remove children from dysfunctional parents, and she is also the person in charge of assisting adult adoptees who want to locate their biological parents all over the world. This sensitive complexity places her in a perilous position of power, almost godlike towards the fate of people. At times her work verges on detective work and at others she functions as a psychologist who needs to bridge the gap between parents and children, where

quite often the boundaries between the law and her judgment are blurry.

She often identifies too much with her cases, she is filled with passion and pain tied to a black cloud from her past hovering over her head. She has found solace in her devotion to her work.

Over the years, Suzana has gathered around her a group of professional women, social workers, psychologists and secretaries. The office building where she is situated is called “the hive “. She is surrounded by working bees- devoted employees who will do anything for her. In addition, there are many people in the Ministry of Interior, hospital offices and the police with whom she is connected and works with on a regular basis.

The Series follows the life of Suzana and of the buzzing “hive”.