A suspense drama Series
16 episodes divided into 4 periods of time

Created by Nir Baram
A murder committed by four friends will keep testing them throughout their lives like a dark shadow, always there, threatening to be exposed.

In a small town, an unexplained death incident occurs: Noam and Noa Sitton, a married couple in their early forties, drive late at night into the unnecessary artificial lake built by the town’s Mayor only because of some donation he had received.

The town is deeply grieving the couple’s death; they left two children behind. Their eldest daughter, Raphaelle, will turn 18 in a few months. The autopsy indicates that Noa (the wife) who was driving, was merely a bit tipsy.

An accident or a suicide?

The investigation will lead to the conviction of a friend and neighbor of the couple – Michael Kabillo. But Michael is not the murderer.

The big secret of the four friends, who succeeded in having Kabillo convicted, will be put to the test for the rest of their lives, this secret will follow them like a shadow and threatening to be exposed.

But there’s also life. And time passing by.