The Grave

A suspense and mystery series
Creator & director: Omri Givon Producers: Chaim Sharir, Mosh Danon, Pascal Barton &
Lionel Uzon. In Production with Federation Entertainment.
Shooting on location in Israel April-June 2019

What would you do if you were given the chance to change
your destiny? What would you do if you could go back and save the love of your life? What if you were to find out that by saving your loved one, you had lost the other thing that was most important to you in the world?What if you were to find out that there is another person, exactly like you, wandering the world?

A large earthquake cracks a pit open in a pastoral nature reserve in Northern Israel, exposing a grave containing three skeletons.
A police investigation reveals that these skeletons belong to three live people.

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A Crime Drama Series

by David Akerman
(In Production for Hot & ITV)

Jerusalem is an original crime drama about the brutal struggles between God’s official and unofficial representatives, willing to do anything to conquer another square meter in his name, fueled by dark desires, greed and blind faith. The series reveals through its characters what really takes place behind the scenes of the holiest city on earth. It is a charged, dense, gritty and realistic show exposing the bitter, the boundless power struggles that take place between the “official representatives” of God, who are willing to sacrifice human life to gain ownership of another centimeter of the city, and the dark motivations behind this struggle, the vast amounts of money, the decadence, and the religion that allows it all to happen.

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