Private Teacher

A crime-drama series

By Shlomo Mashiach

GIL SOLOMON breaks one of the hardest rules of the crime world. He falls in love TAMI MALKA, the wife of meat merchant LEON MALKA.

Gil is a teacher by profession. There is nothing further from him than the crime world, until the morning he begins to teach and treat EITAN, the fourteen year old son of Tami and Leon Malka. Eitan has been suffering from post-trauma since a dramatic incident that took place six years ago.

Gil is becoming more and more emotionally attached to Eitan. Gil finally feel as if he has a son, and Eitan gets the kind of father he never had.

The first to catch on to the affair are police detectives who have been after Leon Malka for years with no success. Now, for the first time, they found someone close to the Malka family, who comes and goes from their house. The detectives don’t hesitate about pressuring Gil to give them information on Leon, in exchange for not revealing his affair with Tami.

Once Leon finds out, everyone is going to pay