PAX AmeriCana

A short comedy series proposal

by Nicholas Blincoe and Eitan Anner

Looking for cool girls, cheap hash and easy money, two young Texan brothers join the American Peace Mission in Sinai, but fumble into a crazy conspiracy to start World War III.

Sinai desert, 1978.

The Sinai Field Mission is a civilian hi-tech surveillance station, which resembles the moon’s landscape (but offers far better supplies of hash), tasked by the Egyptians and the Israelis to watch the De-Militarized Zone between these two country’s armies, following the terrible 1973 war. A space-age encampment of pre-fab Holiday Inn bungalows that includes basketball courts, a bar and a small movie theatre, houses these scientists and diplomats, tasked with keeping the two armies apart, using state of the art technology and good old American pedantry.

Can the two brothers make peace and leave behind their petty grudges, so they can prevent a nuclear war together? And if they do, can they do it armed only with some hash cookies, a Betamax player, two brave young women and a stolen helicopter?

M.A.S.H. meets Dr. Strangelove on the hottest spot of the cold war.