2012, 1nd Season, 12 Episodes, 30-40 minutes per episode

Creator: Gadi Taub
Scriptwriters: Gadi Taub and Erez Kavel
Director: Assaf Bernstein
Producer: Mosh Danon

The series was sold for remake to Turner International (Brazil)

Official selection FIPA Festival, Biarritz

Main Cast: Aviv Alush, Moran Atias, Romi Aboulafia, Nadav Nates, Miki Leon, Sergey Bukhman, Julia Levy-Boeken and Guy Arieli

A stripper named Mika gets brutally beaten in an afterhours dive. Erez, the bar owner, hides the beater from the police and hands him over to his bouncer’s, one whom is Mika’s boyfriend. They beat the guy into a coma. But soon it turns out that nothing about the beating is what it seems. It suck in everyone around it. Erez the bar owner, Eran, a journalist who accidently stumbles on while working on a story about the bouncers, the police, and another bright wild stripper named Nookie. While Erez and Eran try to control the repercussions of the event they both fall in love: Erez with Mika, Eran with Nookie. They gradually discover the dark secret behind the incident: Mika’s inability to escape an incestuous relationship with her ultra-orthodox brother. They also discover that you may risk your soul, not just your heart, when you love.


Produced for Israeli Channel 10